Theory of Everything: What is Matter?

Ever wonder why matter, well, matters so much? In the follow-up to the Theory of Everything video, pupils discover how the Pauli Exclusion Principle, which governs electron behavior, ultimately dictates how matter throughout the universe interacts with other matter. The narrator also discusses the emergence of electrons (and anti-electrons) from the quantum field.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Show the resource to begin a further study of subatomic particles, matter, or quantum theory
  • Incorporate the other principles of quantum theory into the lesson! Have students create their own comic strips for Hund's Rule, the Aufbau Principle, etc.
Classroom Considerations

  • Learners should have prior knowledge of subatomic particles and the rules that govern quantum mechanics

  • The narration and script put a difficult concept in very relatable terms
  • Animations and subtitles assist young physicists in drawing connections between new information and what they already know about matter

  • None