Theo’s Story

This Theo’s Story lesson plan also includes:

Encourage your class to consider a beautiful short film about a boy named Theo who happens to be visually impaired. Over the course of the lesson, pupils work in pairs, discuss their ideas and the film as a class, view the film, take notes, respond to provided questions, examine Theo's character, and write a brief paragraph.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have your class create their own T-charts or diagrams to take notes on how Theo is similar to and different from other children
  • Watch some of the other videos by the same filmmaker to extend the theme; these are available through the video link
Classroom Considerations
  • Theo does has a British accent; if your pupils are unfamiliar with the accent, you may wish to pause and explain at a few places
  • The focus video is touching and has a powerful message
  • The plan is well-sequenced and provides many opportunities for learners to interact with other another and the subject material
  • The plan is great for English language learners, ELA students, visual arts pupils, and more
  • None