The Wind In The Willows: Novel Study

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True friends stick together. In the case of The Wind In The Willows, the friends just happen to be a toad, mole, rat, and badger who team up to beat the weasels. The resource covers the first chapter of their raucous adventures. Scholars complete sentences using vocabulary words, answer comprehension questions, and write sentences with alliterations and similes to demonstrate understanding.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Research the characteristics of the animals in real life and compare and contrast them to the actions of the characters in the story
  • Incorporate the study of the elements of short stories
Classroom Considerations
  • Offers just a preview of the full novel study
  • Incorporates multi-senses with a drawing activity
  • Asks readers to connect to other text using anthropomorphic animals
  • None