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The Water Crisis

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Water, water, everywhere, right? Wrong. Learners assess their own knowledge of water availability on Earth. Then, through a reading, a teacher-led presentation, and an activity, pupils learn about the importance of available clean drinking water and its current scarcity around the world.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a unit that covers natural resources or impacts of humans on the environment
  • Assess learners before the activity on what they believe is the number one most pressing global issue
Classroom Considerations
  • There is no link to the actual PowerPoint, so you may need to input the provided slides into your own file
  • Slides may take more than one day to cover based on depth of discussions during the presentation
  • The activity includes homework prior to the activity, slides, script for teacher for slides, essential questions, student data worksheet, teacher instructions, and key, quiz, and answer key. 
  • Powerpoint slide script includes many places to stop and question the class and discuss
  • None
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