Lesson Plan

The Value of Ancient Traditions

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Imagine having to give up cell phones, computers, and TV? What would be lost? What gained? An examination of the Drokpa, a nomadic people who live in the grasslands of Tibet, provides class members an opportunity to consider how access to technology, climate change, and forced relocation impact a culture.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members find maps of Tibet, China, and India and mark the area referred to in the resource
  • Ask class members to unplug from technology for a week and reflect on the changes this choice made
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource, produce by the Global Oneness Project, has a definite point of view; therefore, preview the entire packet to determine if appropriate for your learning situation
  • The seven-page packet includes background information on the Drokpa, the Chinese invasion of Tibet, links to the photo essays, discussion questions, and links to related resources
  • No map of the region is provided