The Sun and Its Effects on Your Community

Why is the sun round? Examine this question, and others, with your pupils while teaching them how to live in a more earth-friendly environment. Pupils explore Sun composition and discuss how solar wind, sunspots, and solar energy affects individuals, communities, and the general environment.    

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Instructional Ideas

  • Divide class into groups and have each group role play the negative and positive effects of sun exposure in a community
  • Have class members perform further research of the effects of climate change on the sun; allow them to present this information and discuss ways to prevent or slow any negative changes
Classroom Considerations

  • Assist younger individuals and those with special needs during the course of each activity to ensure they understand the material

  • Activities and information allow the class to learn both positive and negative effects of the sun
  • Graph included as part of the lesson is effective at predicting sunspot activity and will allow students to be proactive in efforts to contain sun exposure in their immediate environment

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