The Silk Road

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The Silk Road connected the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian worlds. It also helped create the modern trade world. An analysis activity makes the importance of this Chinese innovation clear by asking participants to evaluate trades along this route, and a bartering simulation activity allows them to experience trade firsthand. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask young economists to evaluate the effectiveness of trades along the Silk Road using the included reading and chart
  • Extend the conversation by creating discussion questions to consider where similar trading patterns exist in the modern world
Classroom Considerations
  • Seventh of 23 Middle School World Historylessons from the Council on Economic Education
  • Background reading does not presume the class has any prior knowledge of the Silk Road or China
  • Lesson is adaptable to a variety of units of study
  • Chart activity is difficult to follow and may lose some learners
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