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The Science of Game of Thrones

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Ready to don medieval costumes and gain a more thorough understanding of the science behind Game of Thrones? Pupils view a short video to explore the intricacies of a popular book and television series, and learn the science behind many features used to portray various activities in the fictional saga.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have class members perform a skit from Game of Thrones and discuss the science behind various elements used within the skit
  • Watch a segment from Game of Thrones and facilitate a thorough breakdown of the elements within the segment
Classroom Considerations
  • Assist any learners with special needs as you go through this lesson, including the instructional ideas and other activities associated with the video segment
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Video portrays scientific aspect of a popular topic in such a way that captures the audience and enhances understanding
  • Exciting and engaging material promotes participation with other integrated activities that you can use as expansions to this segment
  • There is a mistake in the video; the publisher noted it in the comment section to ensure students are not misled with information