Lesson Plan

The Science of Diving

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This The Science of Diving lesson plan also includes:

Introduce gas laws using the popular topic of SCUBA diving. This activity makes a connection between the gas laws and the effect of pressure and temperature changes during diving. Young engineers complete introductory experiments to reinforce the connection to the engineering design process of diving.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use during a Summer Olympics year, or pair with other videos of professional-level diving
  • Assign the auxiliary links and projects as extension activities
  • Create a cross curricular assignment during physical education and science
Classroom Considerations
  • Materials needed for each group: clear plastic soda bottle (quart), medicine dropper, several empty soda cans, hot plate, large glass beaker, oven mitts, tongs, graph paper
  • Simple experiments with practical application
  • Thorough teacher guide and key is provided
  • Includes an interactive slideshow presentation, which guides you through the activity
  • None
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