The Players in the Courtroom

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Courtrooms are complicated. In addition to the many rules, there are a number of people whose jobs are not very clear to the casual courtroom observer. With the resource, individuals identify some of these roles and review more information about each job and why it is important in the field of criminology. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use as part of a classroom court simulation during which scholars role play a trial
  • Supplement a classroom discussion or presentation by assigning as an outside reading
Classroom Considerations
  • The page is part of a series of six lessons on how the courts work
  • Based on reading level, the resource is best suited for high school students

  • Interactive quiz helps assess learning quickly
  • Highlighted key terms link to a glossary that includes definitions for those who need it
  • Diagram of a sample courtroom helps scholars visualize the roles described in the lesson
  • Font size is difficult to read, and navigation is sometimes tricky
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