The Physics of the "Hardest Move" in Ballet

This The Physics of the "Hardest Move" in Ballet video also includes:

"It's not magic. It's physics!" Here is a short video that explores the physics behind the fouetté—the most difficult move in ballet.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Flip the lesson having class members view the video, complete the comprehension check, and research some of the links before returning to the classroom for discussion
Classroom Considerations
  • Most appropriate for physics classes but would be of interest to dance students as well
  • The resource includes the video, a comprehension check, links to related articles, and discussion questions
  • Also included is a link to a video trailer of the San Francisco Ballet's performance of Romeo & Juliet
  • Animations are used explain the physics of the movements; therefore, consider showing clips of dances to underscore the difficulty of the move