The Periodic Table of Elements

A study of the periodic table of elements doesn't have to be elementary! Deepen understanding of the building blocks of chemistry with an interactive periodic table. At first sight, the table looks like a standard reference page, but a click on each element takes learners to thorough background information.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Display the worksheet onto an interactive whiteboard and use in a trivia game in which learners demonstrate their knowledge of each element
  • Prompt pupils to use the resource on their home computers or tablets as a study guide
  • Have groups or pairs create posters featuring each element, its atomic number and weight, and examples of its use
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires connection to the Internet to access additional information about each element 
  • Helpful as both a printed resource and an online reference guide
  • Additional information pages include a wealth of information about each element's discovery and uses, including abundance on earth and boiling and melting points
  • Arrows allow for easy navigation through the elements
  • Includes a key to distinguish between the states of matter, radioactive status, and natural or artificial origin
  • None