The Periodic Table and Energy-Level Models

Teach your class to think of electrons as tiny packets of energy that travel in waves. Through a short video and diagram, participants see how electrons are located around the nucleus of an atom. They then get into groups and try to match information about electrons of the first 20 elements to their appropriate places on the periodic table. Part three in a series of six. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Review the parts of an atom and their charges briefly before beginning
  • Learners struggle with atomic concepts because they are abstract; use analogies, stories, and relate chemistry to their lives as much as possible
Classroom Considerations
  • You will re-use some of the periodic table cards from Chapter 4, Lesson 2, or the first lesson in this series
  • Activity provides teacher reference materials, links to videos, activity sheet and key, and reading passages
  • Lesson is set up in the 5E model format
  • Includes extension concepts, questions for discussion, and videos to help visual learners
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