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The Ozone Layer: The 'Hole' - Part 2

Introduce your class to the "hole" truth! Part four of the 7-part series about Earth's atmosphere gives learners the facts about the depletion of our ozone layer. Simply animated and concisely narrated, the video leads viewers from the discovery of the famous hole, what effects we've seen so far, and what mankind is doing to reverse the damage.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the Pause and Think portions of the video to formatively assess learning or create a class discussion about the ozone layer
  • Working groups can use the resource as a launch point for researching such topics as air pollution and global health and climate initiatives
Classroom Considerations
  • Some working knowledge of chemical formulas, chemical structures, and bonding would enhance the impact of the video
  • Links to additional videos within the series are provided during the presentation to allow pupils to explore and review on their own
  • The content is presented in a very straightforward and accurate manner, including common misconceptions about the how the layer's hole influences climate
  • None