The Nucleus

Einstein didn't just discover relativity, he proved the existence of atoms in 1905 — more than 110 years ago. Discover how he did it and begin learning about basic chemistry: parts of an atom, atomic mass, atomic number, and how to read a periodic table. Expose your class to the variety of concepts through this introductory video on atoms.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use video as an introduction to parts of an atom
  • Preview the video and write questions to ask the class during pre-selected pauses
  • Place class in think-pair-share partners, to answer scripted questions
  • Have partners record answers in notebook or pre-written note sheet
  • Flip your classroom by assigning this video as homework and ask scripted questions the next day in class
Classroom Considerations

  • Some districts block YouTube videos; download the video if necessary
  • Requires a projection system to show the video  

  • Video engages high schoolers through fast-paced dialogue and simple images to help visualize abstract science
  • Not only is the concept of atoms and their parts taught, but the lesson incorporates a brief history including the scientists behind the discovery of the atom 

  • Depending upon the level of the learner, the video covers a number of potentially new vocabulary words in ten minutes; you might need more class time to allow pupils to master the objectives   
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