The New Chemistry: Crash Course History of Science #18

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Chemistry was a bit of a late bloomer in terms of scientific progress! Discover the Age of Enlightenment and its effects on how researchers viewed matter with an engaging video. The narrator highlights the work of Antoine Lavoisier and his work to debunk the phlogiston theory.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the video to illustrate the roots of chemistry to a Chemistry 1 class
  • Have learners research to discover more phlogiston facts and create a presentation of them
Classroom Considerations
  • Clarify some of the content around standard units of measurement, as pupils may not understand the video is discussing the SI system
  • Fascinating stories bring the Age of Enlightenment to life
  • The video does an excellent job of discussing how scientific thinking elevated not only chemistry, but philosophy as well
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