The Moon: Earth’s Dependable Neighbor

This The Moon: Earth’s Dependable Neighbor lesson plan also includes:

Scholars become experts on the moon, its phases, and craters with a series of lessons, activities, and extension opportunities. Learners' expert level of knowledge includes moon facts, how moon craters are created, the ability to recognize moon phases, and the creation of a moon model filled with craters.


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Instructional Ideas
  • Print, copy, and place all materials into an envelope to have ready for early finishers
  • Send lessons home as a packet to finish over long breaks or vacation 
  • Invite learners to present their completed work to the class
Classroom Considerations
  • The collection of lessons is designed for learners who are gifted, as well as those who are capable of working independently
  • It is stated that the lesson is best completed in the classroom
  • Copies are required for individuals participating in the lessons
  • Each lesson is written clearly and in detail 
  • Choice in activity completion are given to enhance learner engagement
  • There are some mistakes found in the video listed in lesson three