Lesson Plan

The Monarch's Changing Role

Though the grandeur and elegance of the British palace remains unchanged throughout history, the role of the monarch has shifted from absolute rule to collaboration with a constitutional parliament. Young historians learn about the process of primogeniture, the relationship between the British monarch and religion, and the ways the modern parliament and monarchy work together.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage learners to conduct additional research about the historical and current compositions of the British monarchy
  • Use the extension activities as assessment or extra credit assignments
  • Pair with a movie that features the British Monarchy, such as The Queen or The King's Speech
Classroom Considerations
  • Lesson is most appropriate for British classrooms or in an AP European History unit on monarchies and parliament
  • Contains several different activities over a course of several days; consider choosing the parts of the lesson that are most relevant or interesting to your class
  • Features several different ways to explore the role of the monarch
  • Contains all necessary worksheets and reference pages
  • None