The Mind/Brain: Crash Course History of Science #30

This The Mind/Brain: Crash Course History of Science #30 video also includes:

New Review

The brain is a complex and mysterious organ. The history of brain research dates back to the early asylums where often unethical experiments took place. The narrator of a short video describes these experiments and their discoveries and also outlines their contributions to the field of science—that today we know as psychology.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have pupils record 10 interesting facts as they watch the video and use their notes to participate in a class discussion
  • Note the scientists in the video lesson and their defining contributions
Classroom Considerations

  • Be aware that several of the experiment descriptions may be disturbing to some
  • 30th installment in the larger Crash Course History of Science series

  • Emphasizes the important research milestones in the history of brain research
  • Describes even the unethical experiments in a tactful manner

  • None