The Methane Circus

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Step right up! An engaging research-centered instructional activity, the third in a series of six, has young archaeologists study the amazing animals of the Cambrian explosion. Working in groups, they profile a breathtaking and odd creature and learn about its role in creating the methane hydrate stores found in the deeps of the ocean.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make a model of a methane hydrate molecule to give young learners a better idea of why it is unique
  • Be prepared to assist with pronouncing animal names used in research; use the link provided in the guide for pronunciations and images
Classroom Considerations
  • Schedule time in the school's computer lab so groups may research their animals
  • Teacher's guide includes research notes worksheet and interesting extensions to the lesson
  • Pupils can make inferences about evolutionary concepts when examining images of the animals for research and comparing them to animals that are alive now
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