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The Mathematics of History

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Is there a relationship between mathematics and history? In this video, Jean-Baptiste Michel explains how our technological advancements will afford many opportunities for mathematics to play an integral role in revealing key trends in our history. This could be a great start to an interdisciplinary project, or prompt a simple discussion on how mathematics can possibly help us to answer questions about where mankind has been and the decisions it will make in the years to come. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Great way to begin an interdisciplinary unit, or to demonstrate connections between two seemingly unrelated subjects
  • Opportunity to flip the video: create your own multiple choice and/or open-answer questions to check for understanding, add additional resources, or create a discussion question for an online open forum (requires free online registration)
  • Example given at 1:36-1:44 may require further explanation for a social studies classroom
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