Lesson Plan

The Making of the Fittest: The Birth and Death of Genes

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Adaptations must be made as environments change. This fabulous presentation features Icelandic icefish, a transparent, scaleless specimen that even has colorless blood. Genetics and adaptations concepts are explored as scientists study the DNA that is expressed as an antifreeze protein. The film guide provides background information, discussion points, links to related resources, and a quiz question answer key. Additional materials include the assessment and a few fabulous lab activities that you can choose from as a followup.   

415 Views 304 Downloads NGSS: Designed
  • Meets several high school level Next Generation Science Standards
  • A thorough comprehension quiz is provided along with an answer key
  • The publisher has developed lab activities to follow a video viewing
  • Interesting and educational content
  • None