Instructional Video

The Last Roundup

The issues raised by the transitioning of Santa Rosa Island from privately owned to a National Park are explored in a short, poignant documentary that weaves together vintage family photos and videos with interviews with a member of the Vail family, the previous owners of the island, and park rangers.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide perspective by beginning the unit with a viewing of the teaser for the series, West of the West, California's Channel Islands
  • Pause the 16-minute video frequently to answer questions and clarify understanding
  • Have groups investigate the current debate about declassifying certain national parks
Classroom Considerations
  • The video launches a series of lessons that explore the history of Santa Rosa Island, part of the Channel island chain located off the coast of southern California
  • The video provides multiple perspectives on the value of the preservation attempts
  • The video captures multiple perspectives on the the issues involved in the conversion of Santa Rosa from a privately owned island to a National Park
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