The Incredible Carbon Journey: Play the Carbon Journey Game

Class members explore the carbon cycle in the final installment of the 10-part Discover Your Changing World series. They play a simulation game where they walk through the steps carbon takes as it cycles through the different layers of the atmosphere. Then, they make connections between how carbon cycled in before and after the Industrial Revolution.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have students create presentations on their results from the game
  • Tell pupils to record their results on the board to make comparisons about the flow of carbon
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires a large open space (indoors or outdoors)
  • Need materials not typically found in a classroom
  • Engaging game to motivate individuals
  • Allows for movement and collaborative learning
  • Instructions may be confusing for a large class or for some learners
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