The Importance of Setting in a Story

Where does it happen? When did it happen? These are two questions that play a key role in understanding the setting of a story. The fourth and final video in a Language Arts playlist uses a song to explain how the setting connects to other elements of a story, such as tone and theme.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Read a short story, and then imagine it in a different setting; discuss how the change would affect the story
  • Decide on a central setting as a class, write stories with that setting, and then compare and contrast them
Classroom Considerations

  • Turn off the lights, so viewers can see the lighter text on some of the darker backgrounds

  • Lyrics appear on the screen as the video plays
  • Incorporates examples from stories such as The Odyssey

  • Song moves slowly in parts and may cause learners to tune out