The History of Inventions

This The History of Inventions interactive also includes:

With the help from an interactive timeline, scholars discover the time and order in which inventions came to be—popular items from eyeglasses to the compact disc. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Allow learners to further explore an invention and share what they learned with their peers 
  • Instruct pupils to write a reflection answering the question at the end of the assignment 
  • Bring in applicable inventions for class members to examine when time permits 
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires a computer or mobile learning device for every child or small group   

  • Cartoon images enhance engagement 
  • Offers a brief description of each invention after it is placed in the correct location on the timeline 
  • If incorrectly placed, objects bounce back to their original spot   

  • None