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The Effect of the Great Depression on Children

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How did the Great Depression affect children? Sometimes studying the Great Depression means only studying about how it affected adults, however, relating the experiences of children and peers their age to themselves may make the information all the more interesting. The class views a PowerPoint presentation, participates in a gallery walk, brainstorms collectively, works in pairs, and analyzes letters from people during the time period to get a holistic view of the effects of the Great Depression on children.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Try to relate what children went through during the Great Depression to situations that scholars relate to; for example, ask them to imagine growing their own food out of a garden only rather than visiting the grocery store or a restaurant
Classroom Considerations
  • Link to presentation does not work, so it may require you to create your own presentation before beginning with the curriculum
  • Requires some preparation, especially for setting up the gallery walk portion
  • Includes two assessment strategies and a rubric for easy grading
  • Provides modification, accommodation, and remediation suggestions
  • Some of the material relates to the state of Alabama which may not feel as relevant to everyone at times
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