The Aztecs - Mighty Warriors of Mexico

Upper elementary learners identify the Aztecs as the builders of a great city and rich civilization in what is now Mexico. They locate the Aztec Empire and its capital on a map and place the Aztecs in the chronology of American history. After describing several aspects of Aztec culture, they tell the legend of the founding of the capital city of Tenochtitlan and describe the way the city looked at its peak.

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Classroom Considerations
  • While links to detailed descriptions of the religious sacrifices of the Aztecs are included, little is mentioned about how 200 Spanish Soldiers were able to subdue the Aztecs with mastiffs and Great Danes, war dogs trained to kill
  • The questions on the provided worksheets ask readers to record facts and to describe the appearance of the emperor, buildings, homes, etc.
  • The Mexico City: View of Tenochtitlan Sacred Precinct link is broken and takes users to an insurance site