The Amazing Pi Race

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Add a sense of excitement to your math class with this race across the country. Using their knowledge of all things circular, young mathematicians work in pairs answering a series of pi-related word problems as they hop from one city to the next in an attempt to make it to New York City.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Complete this activity at the end of a geometry lesson series on circles or as a celebration of Pi Day
  • Post pictures of the cities at each station to increase student engagement
Classroom Considerations
  • The first location in The Amazing Pi Race activity is a specific high school in Missouri where this lesson was originally taught, but each of the following locations are major cities from across the United States
  • Since this activity calls for students to move around from one station to another, consider performing it in a large open space such as a school auditorium, gymnasium, or cafeteria
  • Provides a thorough description of the procedures to follow during this activity
  • Word problems involve a wide variety of circle-related real-world contexts
  • Answers are given for each math problem 
  • None