The 16 Habits of Mind

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Study the 16 Habits of Mind with a professional resource. Based on Describing 16 Habits of Mind by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick, the resource details 16 ways learners perceive problems around them and produce ways to deal with those problems. The habits include gathering data through the senses, thinking flexibly, and applying knowledge to new situations, among others.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Apply the concepts and strategies to a peer counseling class
  • Have individuals research the habit of mind they are working on, or the one that they relate to
  • Bring to a professional development seminar when discussing child and teen psychology
Classroom Considerations
  • Doesn't include lessons or worksheets, but could be a valuable resource for anyone who works with teenagers
  • Details each Habit of Mind thoroughly in its own section, providing examples and descriptions
  • Helpful when teaching learners to solve problems and work within their own world
  • Bibliography provides additional resources, including other books written by the authors
  • None