Instructional Video

Testing and Trials

What do engineers do if they don't have what they need to make a solution work? They keep on testing! Here is a video that gives individuals insight into the process taken by engineers when they find themselves without the necessary materials. Important factors include, making tables, planning, isolating variables, and keeping things organized. 


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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a flipped classroom by having your tech savvy scholars watch the link at home, saving class time for discussion
  • Set up a trial by playing a game of ring toss, on the basis of the episode's testing requirements, to find out which works best
Classroom Considerations
  • The 14th in a series of 17 videos that discusses the engineering process
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Class members are dazzled by the video's entertaining graphics, cartoon characters, sound effects, and funny jokes 
  • Concepts are well-explained in a brief amount of time by including word definitions, detailed examples, and a demonstration
  • The host is a fast talker; some learners may need the video paused or replayed to ensure comprehension