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Terrarium in a Bottle: Modeling the Atmosphere, Greenhouse Effect, and Water Cycle

You've heard of farm to table ... but what about farm in classroom? Junior agriculturalists embark upon a two-week journey into the science of growing things. Based upon the classic terrarium in a two-liter experiment, the lesson goes far beyond familiar! Content includes the greenhouse effect, soil and water quality, air pollution, and Earth's atmosphere.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups research information on agriculture in their counties to make the lesson hit closer to home
  • Provide a wide variety of plants, so pupils can compare their rates of growth as time passes
Classroom Considerations
  • Student projects need sunlight; consider partnering with another teacher for project storage and monitoring if you don't have any windows
  • Learners need computers with Internet access during the project
  • The resource contains all of the links and printables needed for the lesson
  • Scholars gain an appreciation for agriculture in their areas and understand the need for STEM proficiency on the farms of the future
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