Ten Mile Day

This Ten Mile Day lesson plan also includes:

Get your class working on the railroad with this detailed and interactive lesson. After reading and discussing Ten Mile Day, learners explore division of labor, human capital, and productivity with a hands-on group activity in which they build their own railroads 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this plan during a unit on the transcontinental railroad
  • Help build an understanding of how collaboration can be a powerful tool with this lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • You will either need to buy or borrow a copy of Ten Mile Day by Mary Ann Fraser
  • The presentation listed in the included materials is for an interactive whiteboard
  • Comes with everything you need: detailed lesson procedures, printables, worksheets, and assessment with an answer key, and more
  • Requires pupils to pay close attention to how working together changes productivity
  • Combines the study of a text with the study of economic terms
  • None