Teaching Geography: Workshop 4—North Africa/Southwest Asia

This Teaching Geography: Workshop 4—North Africa/Southwest Asia lesson plan also includes:

Can Jerusalem be equitably organized? Can Israel and Palestine be successfully partitioned? Part one of a two-part workshop looks at the geo-political history of Jerusalem while Part two investigates Egypt's dependence of the Nile River and asks participants to consider how the waters of the Nile should be used.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Designed as a professional development workshop for educators, many of the case study materials are appropriate for classroom use
  • Preview the entire video and create a list of terms for viewers to identify (partition, Six Day War, Old City, dead reality, the Green Line, etc.) before watching the video
  • Show the video with captions so the viewers can add information to their list of terms unfamiliar terms 
  • Pause the video frequently to check for understanding
  • Treat Parts 1 and 2 as separate units of study
Classroom Considerations
  • The first segment of the video (0:01–14:33) focuses on the political and geographic history of Arab/Israeli conflict in Jerusalem
  • The second segment (14:33–29:48) presents a classroom lesson focused on Palestinian refugees and an analysis of the lesson
  • Part two of the video (beginning at 29:48) investigates Egypt's limited natural resources
  • Presumes class members have some understanding of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
  • Identifies the geography standards addressed by the case study
  • Designed to developed a deeper understanding of complex geographical and political issues
  • None