Unit Plan

Teaching Ethics in Scholastic Journalism

Events in recent years have underscored the importance of a free and independent press in a democracy. Young journalists engage in lessons about the function of journalism in a democratic society, practice the steps of Bok's Ethical Decision-making Model, learn how to verify and fact-check information, and much more. Each lesson includes a materials list, begins with an anticipatory set, has step-by-step directions, and an assessment exit slip. It's a must-have resource for new and experienced journalism instructions and scholar paper advisors.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite a local journalist to talk with the class about the kinds of challenges they face
  • Have groups fact check a contested news story
  • Have class members check out the Student Press Law Center
Classroom Considerations
  • The 64-page packet is designed for a high school introductory journalism class
  • The lessons teach young journalists the roles and purposes of journalism in a democratic society
  • The Table of Contents makes finding specific topics easy
  • Teaches the steps of Bok's ethical decision-making model
  • None