Tap on the Map

Work on -ap words with a straightforward exercise. Class members read a short poem that includes plenty of -ap words and respond to three included reading comprehension questions.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Require learners to circle each -ap word
  • Read the poem out loud together or in small groups so that learners can hear the -ap sound
  • Assign this for homework or as a warm-up
  • Ask pupils to underline or highlight the areas that gave them the answers to the questions
Classroom Considerations

  • In an effort to get more -ap words into the poem, the creators of this resource put together a slightly odd poem

  • Handwriting lines are provided to assist learners as they work on writing correctly
  • There are quite a few -ap words included in the poem for kids to practice

  • This does not include an answer key, but it should be quick to come up with one
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