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Equip young campers with important survival knowledge with a set of engaging lessons. Teammates work together to complete three outdoor activities, which include building a shelter, starting a campfire, and finding directions in the wilderness.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in conjunction with an outdoor camp program or curriculum
  • Bring the activities to a Boy Scout troop, Girl Scout troop, or other organization focused on outdoor preparedness
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson, map, and trail directions are based on a specific area at the Calvin Crest Outdoor school; you'll need to adapt the instructions to your own area, and provide a different map
  • One section of the lesson provides tips for hunting animals for food, but also comes with descriptions of edible plants in case some of your learners object to hunting
  • The first activity assumes that you have constructed a model shelter
  • Exercise care in the second activity, as it involves matches and lighting fire
  • The majority of the packet provides tips and instructions for various survival situations; the activities begin on page 21
  • Comes with great tips and strategies for surviving in the wild
  • Activities build teamwork and group communication skills
  • None