Lesson Plan

Sun, Earth and Moon Model

The moon orbits Earth while the Earth is rotating, and the Earth revolves around the sun. This can be a tricky concept for young astronomers. Implement an activity that helps distinguish between the movements of Earth's systems around the sun.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Lead into a discussion or lesson on lengths of day and night, years, seasons, and moon phases
  • Use as an introduction to the study of Earth in a unit on the solar system
  • Have pupils demonstrate revolving and rotating by revolving around a chair and rotating or spinning in one spot
Classroom Considerations
  • Assign the mobile project for homework, or complete it in class together
  • Requires some background knowledge of the impact of the sun on the Earth
  • Review the materials before implementing
  • The provided worksheet comes in 11 different languages
  • Offers opportunity for hands-on modeling, direct instruction, and a game
  • None