Sugar and Salt Solutions

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Ionic bonds form from electrostatic energy, allowing for higher conductivity than those seen in covalent bonds. In the simulation, learners add sugar and salt to water and see the effects on concentration and conductivity of their solution. On the micro tab, they see how these compounds dissolve and, on the water tab, they see its role in these solutions. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Great to use when teaching bonds
Classroom Considerations
  • Teachers may register for free, gaining access to tips, related lessons, activities, and a number of other resources
  • Assumes classes possess knowledge about compounds, conductivity, concentration of solutions, and how molecules move in solutions
  • The simulation runs in a number of different languages
  • Super easy to use for any learners
  • High-quality graphics help hold pupils' interest
  • None
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