Subtracting Mixed Numbers (Unlike Denominators)

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This Subtracting Mixed Numbers (Unlike Denominators) worksheet also includes:

Young mathematicians demonstrate their ability to subtract mixed numbers by completing this collection of fraction word problems. From figuring out the weight of objects in a package, to finding the difference in height between two brothers, a total of eight problems are included that help children learn how to use fractions in everyday life.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include this series of word problems in an upper-elementary math unit on adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  • Use these worksheets to create a math packet, going over the provided examples before allowing students to work on the practice problems
  • Break the students into eight small groups, having them each solve and explain to the class a solution to one of the story problems
  • Story problems include a variety of real-world contexts related to subtracting mixed numbers
  • Fractions include denominators that are easy for young learners to work with
  • Includes an example that demonstrates how to represent word problems with visual models
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