Substitutes: Welcome to my Class!

It can be hard for substitute teachers to navigate their way around your classroom. Help them out with a form that shows them where everything can be located. In addition, it includes a space to locate the teacher's lounge, a person who can help them in case of a problem, and miscellaneous notes.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign a kid in your class to be an ambassador to substitute teachers, and have him or her show the substitute where everything is
  • Include in your sub plans, as well as in a spot in your desk or on your wall for emergency sub days
Classroom Considerations
  • Seating chart is misspelled 
  • Doesn't have a place for your daily schedule (the form assumes that your schedule is separate)
  • A great addition to your sub plan packet
  • Helpful for anyone covering your class, whether planned or at the last minute
  • None