Study Jams! Single-Digit Division

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Learning the algorithm for long division is no easy task, but this resource helps to break the process into manageable steps. Beginning with an explanation of basic division vocabulary, this presentation goes on to model long division while solving a word problem. Be sure the class is comfortable with the vocabulary before continuing with the presentation, as the terms are used throughout the explanation of long division. When working through guided and indepdent practice problems, consider allowing the use of multiplication tables to support learners with the long division process.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Addresses long division with and without remainders
  • Includes a sing-a-long karaoke song that explains the rules of divisibility
  • Multiple real-world contexts are presented that involve division
  • Teacher must clarify how to line up numbers when performing long division
  • Requires explicit instruction about what it means to find the average