Study Jams! Probability as a Fraction

This Study Jams! Probability as a Fraction interactive also includes:

Pick a card, any card... and then follow along with this step-by-step presentation as Sam from the Study Jams! crew determines what chance he has of drawing a jack from a deck of cards. This context serves to clearly model how fractions are used to represent the probability of simple events. A number line is also used to demonstrate for young mathematicians how all probabilities fall between zero and one; the impossible and the certain. Including two guided practice problems and a short assessment, this resource would nicely supplement an introductory unit on probability.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Multiple real-world contexts are presented that involve probability
  • Test Yourself assessment includes a variety of probability-related questions
  • Presentation and Try It! practice problems are printable
  • Assumes students are familiar with simplifying fractions