Study Jams! Newton's Third Law: Action & Reaction

This Study Jams! Newton's Third Law: Action & Reaction interactive also includes:

What happens when two teens collide? Find out when RJ runs into Chloe in the school hallway! After their collision, they discuss Newton's third law of motion. Their collision is replayed a few times to identify the action and reaction of RJ, Chloe, and the soccer ball that RJ was holding. They see that the smaller the object, the greater the acceleration. Use this as a homework assignment in a flipped-classroom approach.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Concepts are summarized in print at the end of the video
  • A multiple choice Test Yourself quiz is available for comprehension assessment
  • Links to related videos are provided
  • Cartoon animation holds the attention of even easily distracted youth
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