Study Jams! Estimate Whole Numbers

This Study Jams! Estimate Whole Numbers interactive also includes:

Expand on prior knowledge of place value to teach your class how to round whole numbers. This essential skill is explained with the help of a number line before introducing the explicit rules for rounding numbers up and down. Work through the practice problems as a class, then check for understanding by assigning students the assessment questions. Best suited for fourth grade; this is a nice supplement to an introductory instructional activity on rounding whole numbers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Uses a number line to visually demonstrate what it means to round a number
  • Includes practice with rounding to wide range of place values
  • Allows teacher to print step-by-step instructions and guided practice problems
  • Only includes one example of using the number line to round
  • Requires background knowledge of place value into the billions
Common Core