Student Clicker - Socrative

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Ask your class a question, and they can submit their responses in no time. Just like that, their work has been sent to you for review. Try out this super-simple app to increase engagement and inform instruction.

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App Overview

The companion app to Teacher Clicker - Socrative, this app provides a place for class members to respond to the activities started by an instructor. Students do not need accounts to respond to the questions, just a class number from an instructor's Socrative account.

How It Works:

  1. Pupils open the app, enter the room number, and join the room
  2. The teacher initiates an activity
  3. Class members respond to a question with the options provided on the screen (might be multiple choice, short answer, or true/false) and press Submit

Quiz Formats:

  • The teacher can ask a question orally, or create a quiz, and save it on the app
  • If individuals are taking a pre-made quiz and there are multiple questions, they will move on to the next question
  • Individuals receive feedback within a pre-made quiz if the teacher has submitted an answer (correct or incorrect)

Other Features:

  • Class members can log into Socrative on any other device with a web browser through
  • Pupils can play a game initiated by the teacher called Space Race
  • Individuals can vote on a response after the initial answering session to choose and activity, select a strong statement, and so on 
  • Generally, the teacher can require a student to enter his/her name as the first question of a quiz, so a login is not really necessary
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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task

    The simplicity of the app is a benefit in this case. Students can easily enter a room and type in or select responses.

  • Worth the money

    The app is free and worth, at the very least, trying out. There is potential here for quick and easy assessment.

  • Fun factor

    There is one game built in, and pupils will enjoy typing their responses in. However, the main goal of the tool is to assess and gather responses, and it is fairly straightforward in that regard.

  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    There is no inappropriate content.

  • Control and feedback

    Students can see if they got an answer correct or incorrect in some cases, but can't view their final results. It's up to the teacher to communicate results at another time.

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask a question based on opinion or fact, and require your class to respond via Socrative, providing an arena where even the quietest members of your class feel they can participate
  • Review a topic with a Space Race or quiz
  • Allow class members to express their understanding and points of confusion through an exit ticket
Classroom Considerations

Since the interface is so simple, the app is only a tool for entering responses. Class members don't have access to any records and can't see their final results from a quiz. They do get some feedback while working, depending on the format of the quiz.

In order for this to really work, the class will need access to a set of Internet-connected devices.

  • Simple interface makes the app useful at a wide range of grade levels
  • An instructor can receive immediate results
  • Users can receive feedback on their answers, but only if they are taking a pre-made quiz
  • Some users have complained that the app crashes when many individuals are in the same room