Strip Designer

Let everyone bring out their inner Stan Lee, and practice creating visually-pleasing comic strips that represent and liven up their stories, essays, personal experiences, and the personality of the creator. 


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App Overview

 Let the wowing begin, and look more artistic than your natural talents allow. The creation begins when you:

  1. Pick a pre-formatted layout for your page, or create your own design
  2. In your slides, select photos and images from your camera, photo album, Dropbox, Facebook, Google Maps, or draw your own masterful creation
  3. Position, size, and edit the color, font, and text size for maximum visual impact
  4. Add text bubbles, and get literary, emotional, or informational
  5. Plenty of options that help in editing borders, bubbles, photos and colors that produce the look and layout of professional comic books
  6. Finish your frame? Move on to the next and keep creating your story
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Instructional Ideas
  • Perfect for a creative writing class, or for any unit with a creative writing assignment or project
  • Create directions or class rules for your students to review
  • Make a syllabus that your pupils would actually read
  • Showcase student photography
  • Create timelines for historical events
Classroom Considerations

Although using this app in class would be a ton of fun, a quality, full-length project would take considerable time, and some less artistically inclined kids might become frustrated or bored with the app. 

  • Easy to use, even for novice artists
  • Many options to create high-quality projects
  • Entertaining
  • Users might become frustrated with so many options available