Lesson Plan

Stitch It Up!

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Ever think about combining the art forms of painting and embroidery? Then this art lesson plan is right up your alley! Given a piece of white cloth, young artists first create a grayscale painting and then highlight certain features by embroidering the image with colorful thread. A fun and engaging project for kids of all ages.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Laminate copies of the basic embroidery stitches page, placing them at student work stations for reference
  • Prior to having them embroider their paintings, allow learners to practice the different kinds of stitches on scrap pieces of cloth
Classroom Considerations
  • Create a sample to display for the class that includes the different types of stitches presented in the lesson
  • Perform this lesson over two days so that the paint can dry before learners start to embroider
  • Photographs are included that demonstrate the different steps in the art project
  • A picture is included of different types of embroidery stitches, with brief instructions for creating each one
  • Provides teachers with a brief history of embroidery that they can share with pupils
  • Lesson can be taught with upper elementary, middle, or high school students
  • None