Unit Plan

"Steer" Toward STEM: Careers in Animal Agriculture

This "Steer" Toward STEM: Careers in Animal Agriculture unit plan also includes:

Think like an engineer and an agricultural scientist over the course of 12 lessons in a STEM based unit. Young scientists take on the roles of animal physiologists, animal geneticists, agricultural engineers, animal nutritionists, and range managers by exploring the problems that arise in these specific careers and designing various activities to understand how to create efficient answers.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a study of agriculture sciences or careers pathways
  • Model how to use Punnett squares
Classroom Considerations
  • Unit is intended to expand over the course of 12, 50-minute sessions, but can be modified accordingly
  • Assumes learners are capable of graphing and problems solving in order to conclude lab results
  • The last 30 pages provide teacher references and outside resources to extend the learning opportunities
  • The 103-page packet contains background information, a unit overview, ideas for implementing, vocabulary, lesson plans, lab activities, worksheets, a rubric, 
  • Allows for hands-on learning, brainstorming, exploration of careers in animal agriculture, group work and discussion, and promotes design thinking like engineers
  • Students are able to reflect on their designs and the efficiency of their results
  • Aligned to California state standards, as well as NGSS and Common Core standards
  • Does not provide a table of contents