Statistics & Probability with Cards

This Statistics & Probability with Cards worksheet also includes:

Give young mathematicians a chance to demonstrate their understanding of basic probability with this series of worksheets. Presented with different situations involving dice and decks of cards, students must correctly determine the probability of each simple or compound event.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign these worksheets as in-class or homework exercises during an introductory unit on probability
  • Teach the class about experimental and theoretical probability by having them investigate the situations described on the worksheets using dice and decks of cards
  • Differentiate the exercises by asking students to record the probabilities as fractions, decimals, and/or percents
Classroom Considerations

  • Learners may need some clarification with the dependent events questions included on these worksheets

  • Three worksheets are included in the series, each offering 15 probability questions
  • Answer keys are provided for each worksheet

  • Incorrect answers are provided for some of the dependent events questions